Elder Law Legal Services

We confront some of the most financially and emotionally difficult challenges during our senior years. Elder Law is a rapidly changing legal field that addresses issues such as financial exploitation, health care decisions, and paying for long term care expenses.

With conditions such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, dementia, lewy body syndrome, or general frailty, long term care is eventually necessary for well more than half of us. Some individuals may have a family member serve as a caregiver. For others, care at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing facility can be financially devastating, with costs for care ranging from a few thousand dollars a month up to approximately $11,000 a month for care in a skilled nursing facility.

Since Medicare does not cover most long term care, families who do not have the insurance to pay for long term care may be forced to rush critical decisions on care providers, risk their standard of living, or face potential liens on their home.

BOOKBINDER LAW, LLC helps families avert these crises. Since 2001, Dana E. Bookbinder has been one of a limited number of attorneys throughout the country certified in Elder Law by the National Elder Law Foundation, recognized by the ABA. Our legal plans and service truly set us apart:

  • Ongoing access directly to your attorney
  • Comprehensive advice addressing health, legal, and financial issues
  • Guidance on available home or facility care
  • A wide selection of community resources serving the elderly
  • A review of potential sources for funding care
  • Specific recommendations on acquiring public benefits such as Medicaid or veterans benefits to cover care
  • An assessment of assets, taxation, and beneficiary issues
  • Documents including care agreements and affidavits, irrevocable trusts, and customized estate planning essentials
  • Attorney visits at home or in a facility as needed
  • Flexible fee options to fit your budget

With retirement assets, properties, and savings at stake, the Sandwich Generation (those caring for both children and elderly parents), Baby Boomers, and our seniors require the comprehensive service and expertise that BOOKBINDER LAW, LLC delivers to help them protect the future they want.

For more information contact the experienced legal team at BOOKBINDER LAW, LLC at 856-722-8500 or 856-334-1800 or complete our online contact form as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.