Estate Planning & Administration

Your estate plan can be the most important and longest lasting tool you have to control your future. Your decisions not only impact your well-being, but can greatly enhance your loved ones’ quality of life.

The most basic and critical estate planning documents include a Last Will and Testament, Advance Health Care Directive (or in many cases, Living Will), and a General Durable Power of Attorney. We draft these documents to enable you to direct your life savings to the heirs you choose, ensure that your doctors understand your health care directions even when you are unable to vocalize your wishes yourself, and provide for the smooth handling of your financial and legal matters even if you cannot handle them yourself. Your life savings, your health, and your goals for the future are much too important to leave these decisions to the default rules in your state.

Life brings constant change, and today, most of us have complex family structures and ever-changing relationships. To effectively safeguard your wishes, your estate plan must be very closely tailored to your circumstances. Some situations that must be specifically addressed include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Second marriages
  • Having a child
  • Having a child with special needs
  • Spendthrift children
  • Children reaching the age of majority
  • Leaving assets to individuals other than children
  • Domestic partnerships and civil unions
  • A spouse in need of nursing home care
  • Property outside your home state
  • Old documents out of sync with your current status or the law

Many individuals are surprised to learn that their estates are potentially subject to either federal or state estate or inheritance tax and need to learn ways to minimize their exposure. Families also often seek to learn about the probate process, which takes place after an individual has passed away, and whether it should be avoided. We can help you plan for these issues. Moreover, if you are the executor of an estate, we can help you meet your probate and tax requirements so that the estate administration can progress smoothly.

At BOOKBINDER LAW, LLC you get ongoing personalized attention and customized plans. We carefully review your documents with you to ensure you understand them. Most importantly, we listen. Let our years of experience guide your future. Call Dana Bookbinder at 856-722-8500 or 856-334-1800, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.