Medicaid Applications

More than half of nursing home residents in our country, as well as thousands of individuals receiving home or assisted living care, must turn to Medicaid for coverage of essential, life saving care. As neither Medicare nor general health insurance offers extended coverage for long term care, which can exceed $11,000 per month, a Medicaid application is often a necessary process for a large segment of our population. Nonetheless, the process is exceptionally burdensome and time-consuming.

Medicaid offices can ask for 60 months of statements from applicants’ and their spouses’ financial institutions in addition to information on life insurance, deeds, monthly expenses, vehicles, and public records such as marriage or birth certificates. Documentation is scrutinized line by line, and often Medicaid caseworkers ask for additional documentation including many legal documents prepared by your attorney.

Sometimes applications are processed differently depending upon the county where the application was filed. In certain cases, the application is sent to a statewide agency to approve or reject it. Gaps in an applicant’s paper trail may lead a Medicaid caseworker to presume that the applicant gifted away assets and should be deemed ineligible for coverage.

Often, the Medicaid application process takes several months and involves numerous communications with the Medicaid office. Having an experienced advocate throughout the process can help you

  • Know the right time to file to avoid costly mistakes
  • Save time by knowing what information is required
  • Present the proper documentation for a quicker response to the application
  • Plan for or cure periods of ineligibility assessed by the Medicaid office
  • Understand the asset limitations for the applicant’s spouse and accordingly plan to maintain the spouse’s lifestyle
  • Increase resources or income that the applicant’s spouse may retain
  • Avoid the necessity of a hearing through effective communication with the Medicaid office

In cases where a Medicaid office fails to process the application in a timely manner or erroneously denies an application, it may be advisable to preserve the applicant’s rights through a hearing.

Because the Medicaid application process can be frustrating, the knowledge, personal attention and direct access to your attorney that you find at BOOKBINDER LAW, LLC can make a large difference for you and your family. In addition to guiding seniors and their families over the past two decades through the Medicaid application process, Dana Bookbinder has represented numerous clients at Medicaid eligibility hearings on varying issues and also is prepared to protect your rights. Call 856-722-8500 or 856-334-1800, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today. Our Marlton, New Jersey offices serve clients throughout the state.